The Power of Connection

Test Products, Inc. strongly values the power of connection, and for 35 years has been committed to truly partnering with manufacturers and suppliers to design custom test solutions. This relationship with customers and clients extends past merely creating and delivering products and focuses on fostering a connection between customers and products through flexible, adaptable, and personalized final products. 

We know that quality control is a process, and every step of that process must be monitored, tested, and approved to ensure that final products are complete and highly efficient. Test Products, Inc. engineers design control testing systems to test every electrical component during every production phase. From sub-assembly suppliers to tier 1 suppliers to OEMs, every electrical piece and part must function properly, fit correctly, and pass every electrical test. 

Just in Time inventory systems are extremely common within the auto industry, and this type of management strategy relies on steady production, quality products, and reliable suppliers. More specifically, manufacturers keep less inventory and instead rely on suppliers to deliver parts and components as needed. Disruptions in this cycle on the supplier’s end, such as recalls, malfunctions, or haphazardly tested products, can be massively detrimental to the entire supply chain.

For this reason, it’s crucial for products to be thoroughly tested and approved as they move through the production process to keep up with the supply chain demands of the industry. Without a high level of quality control checking, products could deliver to manufacturers damaged or faulty. Utilizing quality control solutions created by Test Products, Inc. ensures that suppliers’ products are tested and cleared after passing all necessary electrical tests before being delivered to manufacturers. 

This demand for quick production cycles and high-quality products creates the need for individualized solutions for quality control checking. Whether a customer requires a simple application or a more complex design, the key is to form a connection between product and user via a reliable testing application. This connection is vital to understanding and evaluating products at every stage of production. 

At Test Products, Inc., we give you the power of capability, connection, and customization. TPI test equipment includes engineering, manufacturing, assembly, custom software, hardware design, prototype development, and real-time web-based reporting. And our 24/7 technical support is always here for you. For more information about TPI, contact us and see how we can help you.