The Value of a Single-Source Supplier

Many clients juggle multiple companies and suppliers in order to meet all their needs – one for design specifications, another for the manufacturing process, etc. While this system meets the needs of many clients, there is substantial value in utilizing a single-source Read More

Electrical Testing Growth in North America

According to the global Automotive Test Equipment Market, the electrical testing market in North America is expected to steadily increase by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9% between 2021 and 2031. This growth rate comes even after electrical testing services Read More

What to look for in an Electrical Testing Partner

At the core of electrical testing is the desire for precision, functionality, and reliability, and choosing the right electrical testing partner can provide peace of mind that a product will maintain a high level of quality and operate properly. When choosing an Read More

The Power of Connection

Test Products, Inc. strongly values the power of connection, and for 35 years has been committed to truly partnering with manufacturers and suppliers to design custom test solutions. This relationship with customers and clients extends past merely creating and delivering products and Read More

Electrical Testing Equipment in Quality Analysis

Electrical testing in the transportation industry is critical for ensuring that designs, individual pieces, and final products are safe and effective for consumer use. Especially in current times, when electrical vehicles are more commonplace than ever before, there now exists a demand Read More

The Importance of Test and Measurement Equipment

The test and measurement industry meets the need for testing and measurement across a wide spectrum of industries, including IT and telecommunications, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, industrial, defense, and electronics. The test and measurement equipment industry is expected to grow from $25.7 billion Read More

Finding a Reliable Electrical Testing Supplier

When looking for a reliable electrical testing supplier, price often is the deciding factor. However, there are other questions to ask yourself. Not all testing suppliers are the same. If you opt for that vendor who promises you everything at a cheaper Read More

Why Choose a Custom Electrical Testing System

While thorough testing can be carried out using electrical testing systems, how do you know if your system is doing the best it can? Standard electrical testing systems will do a basic job, but the downside is that they’re not configured to Read More

Electric Motor Testing: Components and Methods

Any motor testing’s main objective is to reveal hidden weaknesses or problems that can lead to failure.  Electric motor testing is necessary to assess a motor’s integrity by using computer-based equipment, components, and methods, which are monitored with precision. As a manufacturer, Read More

Electric Motor Testing: Components and Methods

Electric motor testing is made for one specific purpose: to assess the integrity of an electric motor. This is done through the use of computer-assisted equipment or tools that determine trends in that motor. Electric motor testing ascertains what hidden problems lie Read More