Built to be your electrical testing equipment supplier

TPI has always been an innovator. Opening its doors in 1986, the founder of the company, Dave Bruszewki, saw an excellent opportunity for an electrical testing system that would grow as process technology advanced and production quality improved. Dave knew by offering tailored solutions and controlling all aspects of the manufacturing process he could build better connectors and test systems. He left the company where he was working and started TPI to be that electrical testing equipment supplier. On December 1, 2017, after 31 years with the same ownership, Dave sold to his son and a business partner, John.

TPI today

The company continues its tradition of quality and innovative testing solutions. Our extensive expertise includes several employees with 15 years plus of industry experience. We are a growing and expanding organization, as we continue to add new employees to blend this knowledge with fresh energy. TPI currently has over fifty employees and is expanding into new areas of testing as an electrical testing equipment supplier. Our customer base has grown based on our product integrity and outstanding reputation for delivering our systems and products on time or ahead of schedule.

Our customer

Test Products has designed and manufactured test systems for the automotive industry since 1986. As an electrical testing equipment supplier, we focus on being a solutions-oriented company with extensive experience in final assembly tooling.

Our electrical testing equipment supplier services

TPI services have grown to include engineering, manufacturing, assembly, custom software and hardware design, prototype development, and real-time web-based reporting. Our innovative test systems provide complete scalability. Our electrical testing equipment systems can be easily adapted from the simplest hand held application to the most demanding testing application. This flexibility delivers world-class quality while reducing rework and warranty costs.

Moving forward

As we move forward as an electrical testing equipment supplier, we focus on better serving our customers. By implementing EOS, we have built a better process and business flow. By following these simplified processes, we deliver better service and results to our customers. As needed, we update our electrical hardware and write new software to enhance our test capabilities, results screens, and reporting process. To assure your testing systems perform as expected, we have a 24 hour remote support from our service and repair department.

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