Electrical Testing Equipment in Quality Analysis

Electrical testing in the transportation industry is critical for ensuring that designs, individual pieces, and final products are safe and effective for consumer use. Especially in current times, when electrical vehicles are more commonplace than ever before, there now exists a demand for more electrical components to be tested and quality checked.

While standard testing equipment can be used to measure voltages or electrical currents, full service custom electrical testing equipment is necessary to perform a complete process of quality analysis, ensuring that electrical parts and components are safe and reliable before they are incorporated into the production phase.

Test Products, Inc. utilizes custom electrical testing equipment to quality check manufactured components through an intensive process. This process is designed to test and review parts, and diagnose potential errors or malfunctions, prior to final assembly.

  1. Equipment such as the Stop Station Floor Mount, Stop Station Overhead, and On-Line Tool Rail Mounted test individual electrical components in sub-assemblies.
  • Using a Solid State I/O Board, testing results are collected and recorded, and potential error codes are monitored for quality control purposes.
  • If a product is tested and found to be of the right quality, that product can be moved to the next assembly phase. Alternatively, if an error code appears, a manufacturer can know that a product has not met quality standards, and that item is then moved to a re-workstation for correction and re-testing.

This process of quality analysis is crucial for manufacturers to verify that tests have been run and any potential electrical malfunctions are flagged and identified immediately. Rather than just using handheld pieces of equipment to run singular tests, utilizing a more comprehensive electrical testing system provides direct feedback and automatic recordkeeping to manufacturers on the quality of their product.

While many types of industry-standard electrical testing systems exist, Test Products, Inc.’s custom-made equipment allows manufacturers to test products safely and completely per the unique requirements of their own manufacturing processes. Contact us to discuss your testing requirements at tpiuse.com.