Electric Motor Testing: Components and Methods

Any motor testing’s main objective is to reveal hidden weaknesses or problems that can lead to failure.  Electric motor testing is necessary to assess a motor’s integrity by using computer-based equipment, components, and methods, which are monitored with precision. As a manufacturer, Read More

Electric Motor Testing: Components and Methods

Electric motor testing is made for one specific purpose: to assess the integrity of an electric motor. This is done through the use of computer-assisted equipment or tools that determine trends in that motor. Electric motor testing ascertains what hidden problems lie Read More

Key Features of Automotive Electronic Test Equipment

Reliable and repeatable testing is critical in the automotive industry. We only have to look at Toyota to see the unfortunate outcome of ineffective testing. Between 2009 – 2010, Toyota recalled 12 million vehicles for various defects. In 2020 so far, Toyota Read More

Electronic Testing Trends for 2021

Where once the pandemic seemed to be stalling industrial markets worldwide, the months closing out 2020 saw significant improvements. The global Automotive Test Equipment market is anticipated to rise considerably between the years 2021 to 2025. Globally, the automotive test equipment market Read More

Understanding the Automotive Standards For Electronic Components

Since the first automobile was built in the 19th century, manufacturing and automotive standards have progressed significantly. Today’s cars and trucks are nothing like they were a mere fifty years ago. Now all vehicles come complete with sophisticated electronic systems. Advanced driver Read More