Turnkey Supplier: Design to Solution

The benefit of choosing an electrical testing supplier such as Test Products, Inc. (TPI) is not only years of expertise and trusted solutions, but also the comprehensive range of services you can utilize from a single supplier. A turnkey supplier is one that undertakes the whole responsibility of designing, manufacturing, and installing, as well as offering additional support after completion. This builds a trusted relationship with the customer, and also speaks to the high quality of work from beginning to end.

A potential supplier/client relationship with a turnkey supplier often involves:

Design Phase

The supplier will discuss with the client what type of electrical testing solution they’re seeking. These conversations will involve clarifying the customer’s design specifications down to the engineering plans, prototypes, and even final packaging and/or delivery needs.


Once a design has been solidified and prototypes have been thoroughly tested and analyzed, the electrical testing solution itself will move into the manufacturing phase. This is where connectors and test systems will be built based on the previously customized specifications.


Prior to giving final deliverables to the client, the supplier will conduct thorough electrical testing on the device using state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee that power feeds, grounds, and test signals are all functioning properly. This phase provides overall quality assurance that final solutions operate and perform as desired.

Packaging and Delivery

A true turnkey supplier ensures that solutions are fully designed, built, assembled, and delivered, all from an in-house facility. This allows complete control and monitoring over every step of the process from the brainstorming phase to the transfer from supplier to customer.

Post-Delivery Support

Suppliers who value client-centered solutions ensure that clients have all the means necessary to operate and utilize solutions after delivery. For TPI, this means providing thorough operating manuals, engineering technician support for installation, and 24/7 remote customer service for any potential questions or repairs.