Key Features of Automotive Electronic Test Equipment

Reliable and repeatable testing is critical in the automotive industry. We only have to look at Toyota to see the unfortunate outcome of ineffective testing. Between 2009 – 2010, Toyota recalled 12 million vehicles for various defects. In 2020 so far, Toyota has recalled almost six million vehicles. Using quality automotive electronic test equipment such as those available from Test Products Inc (TPI) will ensure a safe and reliable product reaches the end consumer. Here are the key features of their test equipment:

Key Features of Automotive Electronic Test Equipment

  • Each piece of equipment is carefully engineered and designed to run through thousands of test cycles without failure.
  • Ergonomic designs guarantee comfort and ease of use
  • All components and contacts are handcrafted by the in-house team and manufacturing equipment right here on American soil.
  • For versatility, all equipment features male and female contacts.
  • Dual-action designs plus manual, air latch, and air ejected designs are available.
  • A reliable test verification is created by having a consistent connection.
  • Use the test equipment seamlessly with the product without damage, wear, or tear.
  • Connect to the product without reducing or changing its integrity
  • Connectors and harnesses feature quick connect Amphenol.
  • All harnesses are handmade and feature long-lasting and robust strain relief.
  • All test equipment will withstand the demands of a rigorous and demanding manufacturing environment.
  • A solid-state I/O board is used to operate the testing equipment.
  • All equipment makes use of PC and PLC interface for a full network reporting of results.

Customized and Reliable Automotive Electronic Test Equipment

Testing requirements differ for every client. Therefore, all testing equipment needs to be fully customized to meet the needs of each. From design to manufacturing and support, everything we do at TPI revolves around our pledge:

  • Reliable: All systems are designed with strength and longevity in mind
  • Repairable: If a problem occurs, all systems can be repaired swiftly
  • Reconfigurable: As needs change, the systems can be adapted to run seamlessly with others
  • Reusable: All systems are compatible to run a range of processes

As technology advances, the electronic components in vehicles have become more complex. Almost all mechanical aspects of a vehicle will have an electrical feature that allows it to function successfully. The more complicated the electronics become, the more we need rigorous and thorough testing before a firm releases a vehicle onto the market.

Since 1986, Test Products Inc. (TPI), has delivered custom and cost-effective electrical test equipment for the transportation industry and suppliers. To deliver results cost effectively, our ergonomic, reliable, and durable test systems are designed to the industry’s highest standards. As a turnkey supplier, TPI builds every connector in-house and we are an ISO 9001 registered TPI provides full design, manufacturing, and support for our customers. Our services include engineering, manufacturing, assembly, custom software and hardware design, prototype development, and real-time web-based reporting, and 24/7 assembly plant support.