Electric Motor Testing: Components and Methods

Any motor testing’s main objective is to reveal hidden weaknesses or problems that can lead to failure. 

Electric motor testing is necessary to assess a motor’s integrity by using computer-based equipment, components, and methods, which are monitored with precision. As a manufacturer, it is essential that your electric motors run efficiently to increase performance and safety while decreasing downtime and operating costs. A lack of this quality control testing can result in lost revenue and a rise in repair costs and waste. 

Why Conduct Electric Motor Testing?

Every OEM should have a properly planned electrical testing scheme to ensure reliability. According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), a survey revealed that 48% of motor failures are due to electrical failures. Of that 48%, 12% were rotor problems, and 36% were winding problems. The other 52% were mechanical faults. Diagnostic tools for motor testing include:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Clamp-on ammeters
  • Meggar or oscilloscope
  • Zero Insertion Force Connector
  • Test algorithms

Tests performed on motors comprise

There are a wide variety of tests that can be done on motors, such as;

  • Electric Motor Impulse Testing
  • Electric Motor Rotation Testing
  • Wound Rotor Electric Motor Testing
  • Electric Motor Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Meg-ohm Tests
  • PC Tests
  • Static or Insulation Testing
  • Winding Resistance Test
  • DC Step Voltage Test
  • DC Hipot Test
  • Surge Test
  • Dynamic Motor Testing or online testing

Routine Maintenance Practices and Why They Are Important

If you are looking to extend your electrical equipment’s life, then motor testing is the best, low-impact, high-value way to achieve this goal. Regularly scheduled diagnostics can lead to more timely and efficient repairs and help with your overall operations. The benefits of motor testing will inevitably conserve energy, improve safety, boost up-time, increase quality, and save money. 

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