From the start, TPI has been an innovator in the electrical testing industry. Among the technologies we have developed for our electrical test equipment systems are the Zero Insertion Force Connector, which requires minimal force to connect, as well as test algorithms and automation designed to minimize cycle time.

1. Designed and engineered to perform thousands of cycles without failure

2. Ergonomic designs

3. Handcrafted in house machined components and contacts

4. Male and Female contacts

5. Manual, air ejected, air latch, and dual action designs

6. Consistent Connection creates Reliable Test Verification

7. Able to mate with product causing no wear or damage

8. Connects without impacting the products integrity

9. Connectors and harnesses with quick connect Amphenol

10. Handmade harnesses with long lasting strain relief

11. Produced to meet the demands of the harsh manufacturing environment

12. Operates on our Solid State I/O Board

13. Utilizes PC and PLC interface for full network reporting of results